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About me, Jan Nowak


About me, Jan Nowak

  Shooting a catapult is the best sport and activity I really love.The world Slingshot community is very friendly and open, it is great to share and learn from each other about this great activity.

  As a Czech Slingshot Federation chairman I support all shooters and enthusiasts and its great to see how this sport grows so fast. In 2018 I travelled to Italy (Gauldo Tadino) for the World Cup as a member of the Czech national team ,it was one of the best experiences ever. Meeting great shooters from around the globe was amazing, 220 competitors from 20 countries 3 days of shooting with the best.

   In October 2018 I went to China (Dezhou city) the first European or western man to compete there. I competed in the AGS International tournament. It was great to meet all the great shooters from this continent.More than 330 participants. Myself and my colleague finished in the top 40 shooters at both 10 and 20 meters.

   Since then I have set up Slingshot Place s.r.o.(Ltd.) European supplier of proven and original products for Slingshot enthusiasts. I supply branded goods directly from the manufacturers. A good relationship with the manufacturers and my effort to bring the best to the European market is the basis of my work. Collaboration with the best Slingshot shooters and keeping up with current trends is my daily agenda.